Create Graph Paper or Checkerboard in Perl

In the quest to find activities to do with our kids, we decided to make some games. Instead of drawing the boards by hand (and because the CNC router wanted SVG files), we made a program to make the boards. Here is the Graph Paper or Checker Board of any size maker program:

List of Games that Use 8×8 Boards

Here is a partial list of games that use square boards. I say “square” because with only a slight modification, you can redo the boards of any size you like.


(3×3) Very simple game of fox and geese like quality.

(4×4) Make 4 in a row or occupy corners

(4×4) Don’t take the poison counter game

(5×5) Liberian Checkers, but with safe spots

(5×5) Custodianship captures after taking turns placing tokens.
3 Musketeers

(5×5) Similar to fox and geese, but harder.

(5×5) Swap spots, but using knights

(7×7) Tetris, but with tokens. Decent strategy.

(7×7) Fight for the center tokens using push and capture. Decent strategy.
Fox and Geese

(8×8) Geese try to surround fox, fox(es) try to eat geese. Play twice to determine winner. Simple strategy.
Lines of Action

(8×8) Occupy the other side while your enemy tries to stop you

(8×8) Form Rows and attack opponent, get to the other side. Decent strategy.
(8×8) Mak Yek

(8×8) Russian Checkers, simple strategy

(8×8) Take turns flipping colors hopefully ending up with the most of your color

(9×9) Sumo like game of capture and push
Hasami Shogi

(9×9) Capture peices, decent strategy

(10×10) Form X in a Row using Knights

So, as you can see, there are many many games using squares. There are games all the way up to 19×19 for games like “Go”.

SVG Files For the Games Listed

3x3 Graph Paper
4x4 Graph Paper
5x5 Graph Paper
7x7 Graph Paper
8x8 Graph Paper
8x8 Checker Board
9x9 Graph Paper

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