SVG Perl Script to Make 6 Point Star

Solomon’s game is similar to checkers but uses the star of Solomon. It’s a modern game invented by . Here is the Perl code to generate an SVG file game board.

What is the Star of David?

First, there are 2 stars mentioned as false idols in the Bible (Acts 7:43 and Amos: 5:25–27). I do not believe this is that star. Nor do I worship Saturn (read the references). It is well known that Solomon, the wisest man on earth with his 1000 wives, made the mistake of worshiping one of his wive’s false gods. This game has nothing to do with that. There is one God, and he is Jesus Christ.

Objective of Solomon’s Game

Like checkers, the objective is to capture your opponent’s pieces or trap your opponent so they have no legal moves.

Setup of Solomon’s Game

Each player places 6 tokens as per the diagram above using different colored tokens.

Game Play of Solomon’s Game

  • The first player moves a piece towards the temple (the box outlined on the opposite side of their color), or sideways (in relation to the opposing temple).
  • A piece cannot move backwards until it reaches the temple, where it becomes a “king” like in checkers.
  • Moves can only be along the lines.

Capturing Pieces

  • Jumps occur like in checkers depending on whether the jumping piece is a “king” or not.
  • Only kings can jump back towards the temple of their own color.
  • Jumped pieces are removed from the game.
  • If a jump is available, it must be taken, except double jumps are not allowed.


I could not find the reference, but have been told that this game was invented by Martin Gardner and published in Games Magazine. I wrote the Perl, and did the graphics.

SVG to Create Solomon’s Game

Perl Code to Create 6 Point Star in SVG

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