Now Hiring

Job Description

Part time work as Security Analyst


$20-$30/hr depending on experience and certifications


On site in Wylie, TX for first month then remote 100% thereafter.

Primary duties:

  • Security Related Research
  • Google/Office Suite
  • XLSX reports and analysis
  • Technical Documentation
  • WordPress Management
  • Update Servers and Applications
  • Review Logs using various SIEM tools
  • Create Lab in VMWare
  • Follow up with Clients
  • Review configuration
  • Best Practice Security Audits
  • OSINT Research
  • Access Control List Management
  • AWS and Azure reports and Management

Other security, research, and administrative assistance as required. You should be able to type at least 30WPM, and understand the basics of using a computer beyond facebook, youtube and steam.


You are likely the person that helps others with their technology related problems.

This is not a “just show up” type of job. I need someone who likes to learn, doesn’t mind teaching themselves, and doesn’t need to be told how to copy a file, use sftp, or how to turn on a computer.

Skills Required

If you know the basics of the following, then you might be a good fit: SYN ACK, tcpdump, /23, RFC 1918, 200 vs 404, lsof, netstat, ssh, sftp, tls, #!/bin/bash, cat /etc/os-release, vlookup, vmware. If you needed to google most of those terms (and didn’t do so), this is probably not the job for you.

Background Check and Code of Conduct

Social media reviewed. No drug, violent or sexual felonies. Zero tolerance for drugs.

How to Apply

Resume OR one page explaining why you are a good fit.