Screen Saver Quotes With Perl GD

If you’ve ever wanted a screen saver with motivational quotes, but didn’t know how to make one – here is a Perl script to do it for you.

I wanted to see how the GD module worked. I created a small script to generate a bunch of JPGs to help myself learn. The Perl code takes a list of quotes below the __DATA__ marker, centers them, and then creates an image of that text on a dark background.

Power of Life and Death In the Tongue

Proverbs 18:21 states:
Death and Life are in the power of the tongue and those that love it will eat it’s fruit.

I think this also applies to what we steer our inner voice to say to ourselves. This is another reason why this script was written – to retrain my mind to speak kindly to myself.

Sample Outputs

Using Pictures as Backgrounds (Windows 10)

Right click your windows 10 desktop and select “Personalize”

Then change the background settings to be a slideshow. Use the folder where all of your pictures are and modify how fast you want to change them:

Using Pictures as Backgrounds (ChromeBook)

  • Right click your background or search for “Wall Paper Picker”
  • Click on “My Images” and select the folder of your images

Source Code to Create Screen Saver Images with Perl GD

In case you don’t want to run the script but do want some slides, you can download 222 motivational slides from our site produced by the script above. They are 1920×1080 and the md5sum is 67f1a861a5f7eeadba3d8b9ebae83032.

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